I love to travel. I love styled shoots. I love helping others grow their business & portfolio. Thus, Styled Shoots Across America was born!


How does it work? Basically, I will be traveling around the country creating and designing styled wedding shoots (with models, hair & makeup, gowns, flowers, cake, stationary, reception tables, a beautiful venue, etc... the whole nine!) for photographers to capture beautiful details and portfolio worthy images. Of course, photographers at the shoots are welcome (& encouraged) to submit their photos for publication and use them to help build up their brand and/or the clientele they are after. 

As a newbie or even a seasoned pro - we all need fresh beautiful images of current trends and designs to show to potential clients. What better way to attract the client you desire than by having inspirational images that they are drawn to? 

The back story: I teach Styled Shoot Workshops here in Houston where half the day is spent learning the in's and outs of creating & designing  a shoot, how to find vendors, how to submit to publications and techniques to make your shoot stand out and the other half of the day is actually capturing a styled shoot that I have designed. I've found over the last 2 years of workshops that many of my attendees were repeat photographers who just wanted to shoot the styled portion (and don't necessarily need to hear "the classroom" portion again). I gave it a test run of just doing the styled shoot portion and we maxed out at 20 photographers within hours. Now, while I love my Texas shoots - it's time for me to take this show on the road! In case I haven't convinced you enough yet -  I also speak on Styled Shoots at the Wedding MBA (the world's largest wedding conference) in Las Vegas every October. 

The fine print: I will only allow a max of 20 photographers at each shoot to allow ample time for each person to get plenty of images. Photographers will be broken into small groups and will rotate (generally in 30 min increments) shooting different details of the setup. The cost for each photographer ranges based on location and spots will be given on a first come, first serve basis.

What if I'm not a photographer? HELLO non-photog friends! Would you like to collaborate on one of these amazing styled shoots? Shoot me an email with your location and what kind of wedding related service or product you offer and we will connect :) We always need fabulous vendors to participate - AND - who doesn't need images of their work from 20 photographers with the possibility of several publications and lots of social media love?


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Want to email me? Feel Free! StyledShootsAcrossAmerica@gmail.com